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Luxurious vacation rentals throughout Mexico by owners of Mayan Resorts




Welcome to, the web site dedicated exclusively to rentals of Mayan Resorts vacation properties. We offer Grand Luxxe, Grand Bliss, Grand MayanBliss, Mayan Palace, and Sea Garden properties throughout Mexico. This web site is managed by Mayan Resorts Vacation Club (also known as Vida Vacation Club) members and is in no way affiliated with Mayan Resorts itself.

While we try to keep the information on this site up to date, please remember that Mayan Resorts is constantly renovating and upgrading their properties, and they are also occasionally coming up with new products and services. As a result, the information on this site may become out of date. For the most up to date information it is recommended to visit the Mayan Resorts web site.

Please note that any photo galleries on this web site contain actual pictures taken by our owners and their guests while at the resort. For this reason photo galleries are not available on this web site for all locations and resorts, you should visit the Mayan Resorts web site for these photos.

How to use this web site


We try to design this site to be simple and functional. Nothing fancy looking; no amazing graphics, eye-catching fonts, or any of that sort of stuff. We believe you will find it easy to use.

From any page on this web site you may navigate directly to any other page via the menu at the top of the page. The main menu is organized as follows:

  • Home - this page.

    • Select Latest News under this menu for announcements about special discounts and more.

    • Select Price Specials... under this menu to jump to the Prices page and view our latest special discounts.

    • Select Check Availability... under this menu to jump to the Reservations/Check Availability page and check availability for your desired location, resort, room, and dates.

    • Select Mayan Resorts web site... under this menu to visit the Mayan Resorts web site.

    • Select Contact Us... to jump to the Help page and send us an e-mail with your question.

  • Locations - provides additional information about each location.

  • Resorts & Rooms - descriptions of various resorts and rooms available at various locations.

  • Pricescost of the various types of properties at all locations, including occasional special offers.

  • Reservations - review lease terms and conditions, check availability, and request a reservation.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - answers to common questions about renting Mayan Resorts properties.

  • Reviews - past guests may submit a review of their vacation experience here.

  • Members - a special section available only to registered Mayan Resorts members.

  • Help - send an e-mail to us requesting more information.

Some of the above menus have one or more levels of child menus under them. When you hover with the mouse over a main menu item you will see these child menus, if available. You may select the main menu item itelf or one of its children, each will take you to a different page. In some cases when you select a menu item, if there is no information available on this web site, you will be automatically redirected to the Mayan Resorts web site or some other location.

At the top left under the main menu there is a "You are here" path link you can use to go back one or more levels of the menu hierarchy.

There is a context-sensitive menu in the left margin that contains links to the other related pages. For example, this page has a link to Mayan Resorts web site... in the left margin. There is also a list of quick links to the most frequently used pages.

There are also many links embedded within the pages of this site to conveniently take you to related information; these are highlighted in blue. You should see several of them on this page above.

The main menu (without any children) is also repeated at the bottom of every page.


You do not need to register to utilize this web site as a Guest interested in renting a Mayan Resorts property. However, registration adds you to the mailing list for our newsletter that we send out periodically with the latest information and special promotions.


Are you a Grand Luxxe, Grand Bliss, or Grand Mayan member and interested in becoming a member of this site? We can help you rent your extra units as part of our inventory. Please contact us directly at for more information.